Vectra BTCC Diesel Concept, 2004 Motorshow (© Flickr / IainW81)
Make / Model
Vauxhall Vectra
Chassis No
Built By
Triple Eight Race Engineering
Date Built
Current Status
The Vectra saloon was built by Triple Eight as an evaluation for a possible replacement for the Astra Coupé. The car tested once at Albecete, but proved to be unsuccessful and the project was abandoned; the team opting to develop the Astra Sport Hatch instead.

The car was displayed at the 2004 Motorshow as Vauxhall's 'Vectra BTCC Diesel Concept', although it is not believed that the car ever ran with a diesel engine.

Several years later the car returned to public view at the 2007 Autosport Show, this time posing as the team's S2000 prototype. Now fitted with S2000-style aero, a new face lift front end and the rear of the saloon had been cut away with hatchback bodywork grafted on in it's place. However the centre-lock wheels betrayed the car's BTC-T origins.

Since 2014 the car has been at GTS-RS Simulation being used as the base of their race car simulator.
Vectra BTCC Diesel Concept, 2004 Motorshow (© Flickr / IainW81)
2004 British Motor Show
Vectra BTCC Diesel Concept
2007 Autosport Show (© PSP Images)
2007 Autosport International Show
Triple Eight Engineering
 (© GTS-RS Simulation)
2014 - onward
GTS-RS Racing Simulation
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 (© GTS-RS Simulation) 2007 Autosport Show (© PSP Images)