Thomas Jäger, WTCC 2005 (© WTCC Media)
Make / Model
Ford Focus
Chassis No
Built By
Hotfiel Sport
Date Built
Current Status
Built by Hotfiel Sport for the 2005 WTCC. Driven in the opening round at Monza by Thomas Jäger, however accident damage during the second race saw the car damaged beyond repair.

The car was bent up until the doorpost. We had to start building an all-new car as soon as we were back from Monza on Tuesday morning.
Hans Hotfiel

The damage was rather surprising given how light the impact felt. But Menu rang me up during the week to apologise which I found quite nice and a very fair thing to do.
Thomas Jäger
Thomas Jäger, WTCC 2005 (© WTCC Media)
2005 FIA World Touring Car Championship
Ford Hotfiel Sport
#15 Thomas Jäger
Round 1