Steve Hill Motorsport
Make / Model
Alfa Romeo 147
Chassis No
Built By
JS Motorsport
Date Built
Current Status
Rally Car
Initial plans were for Nordauto to design and build the cars, however politics soon intervened. During 2000, FIAT and General Motors had entered into a strategic alliance that saw GM acquire 20% of FIAT. With GM already running a BTCC team (via Vauxhall / Triple Eight), there was pressure on Alfa Romeo and Nordauto to drop the project. However, JSM were at least able to negotiate to buy the designs and body kit moulds.

Alfa refused to sell bare bodyshells so JSM were forced to buy three 1600cc LHD road cars, which they collected fresh from the production line. These were stripped and sent to Safety Devices to install the roll-cage, before being built up by the team using Nordauto’s designs. Two race cars were completed, with the third prepared as a spare shell.

During 2001, Steve Hill Motorsport had assisted with the fabrication of parts, so when JSM folded Hill still had the spare shell plus a selection of spares and bodywork. The shell was built up into a rally car, using a 1600cc engine. Car registered KN52 XNO.

2008 the car was aquired by Howard Edwards at AllItalia to compete in rallies.
Other Pictures
Howard Edwards & Dan Madden. British Rally. (© Allitalia)