Petri Manninen
Make / Model
Audi A4
Chassis No
KMS SP001/03
Built By
Kristoffersson Motorsport
Date Built
Current Status
One of four cars built by KMS (Kristoffersson Motorsport) and run in the 2003 Swedish championship for Tommy Kristoffersson, Tobias Johansson and Fredrik Ekblom. It is not known who drove which car.

In 2004, two of the cars were sold to Finnish team LMS (Lehtonen Motorsport), whilst the other two remained with KMS.

Olli Haapalainen drove one of the LMS to take the Finnish championship, whilst the second car made a single appearance in the series driven by former F1 star Mika Salo. Haapalainen would also drive the car in a round of both the Swedish and German championship, with Pasi Lähteenmäk driving the second car during the trip to Germany.

During 2005, LMS would again run in the Finnish series, with Janel Nurminen in one car and Markku Hietamäki, Anssi Kela, Indrek Sepp and Olli Haapalainen taking turns in the other. The team would also run Sepp and Nurminen in the Baltic championship.

At the end of 2005, the two LMS cars were sold to to Russian team Sport-Garage. Updated to the latest 'B7' style bodywork, the team ran one car for Alexey Dudukalo, with Alexander Orlovskiy, Tamara Vidali, Olli Haapalainen and Alexander Lvov sharing the second. The team would also run one car for Alexey Dudukalo at the end-of-season ETC-Cup event.

For 2007, Maxim Tsimbalov and Nikolai Bolshih would drive the cars in Russia, with Alexander Lvov Jr taking one of the cars for the ETC-Cup.
2003 Swedish Touring Car Championship
Kristoffersson Motorsport
2004 DMSB Produktionswagen Meisterschaft
Lehtonen Motorsport
Round 8
2004 Finnish Super 2000
Lehtonen Motorsport
2005 Baltic Touring Car Championship
Lehtonen Motorsport
2005 Finnish Super 2000
Lehtonen Motorsport
2006 Russian Touring Car Championship
Sport Garage
2007 Russian Touring Car Championship
Sport Garage
2010 Russian Touring Car Championship
Sport Garage
Petri Manninen
2019 Rata-SM Gran Turismo
#24 Petri Manninen